New York City native, George Landress, has spent the last 25 years as a recording engineer, mixer, and producer in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles.


He began his musical career shortly after college, studying communications first at Queensborough Community College in NYC, and then music at the New School University in Manhattan. His educational focus in Harmony and Theory was appended with guitar studies under the tutelage of renowned session musician Barry Galbraith.


Following his studies, George moved to Los Angeles with the intent of building a career as a studio musician. Shortly after his arrival in LA, he began teaching guitar at The Dick Grove School of Music. While also studying guitar with Ted Green, he continued to develop his musical skills through numerous and varied projects with local artists and musicians.


By the 1990s, his career path led him to studio work as a recording engineer and also teaching at the Los Angeles Recording Workshop in Studio City, CA.


George presently lives and works in Los Angeles, serving the recording industry both out in the field and in his Emily's Basement Recording studio. Methods in both Digital as well as Analog recording are supported. His clients reflect a broad range of styles and background.



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